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Uploadr extension extensions 2008/09/07

Getting re-acquainted with Flickr Uploadr, I discovered a sorely missing piece of the Extension API.  There are plenty of hooks to catch higher-level events than clicks and mouseovers — things like logins, uploads and adding photos.  However, there is no way to store persistent data and associate it with a certain Flickr user.  Here is a way:

var userinfo = {
	set: function(k, v) {

		// Only allow userinfo if they're signed into Flickr
		if (!users.nsid) { return false; }

		// It's just a hash for storing whatever you want
		var u = users.list[users.nsid];
		u.userinfo = u.userinfo || {};
		u.userinfo[k] = v;

		return true;
	get: function(k) {
		if (!users.nsid) { return undefined; }
		if (!users.list[users.nsid].userinfo) { return undefined; }
		return users.list[users.nsid].userinfo[k];
	unset: function(k) {
		if (!users.nsid) { return true; }
		if (!users.list[users.nsid].userinfo) { return true; }
		delete users.list[users.nsid].userinfo[k];
		return true;

Another thing I found missing was an after_logout event.  So I monkeypatched one:

users.old_logout = users.logout;
users.logout = function(save) {
extension.after_logout = new extension.Handler();

extension.after_logout.add(function() {

T-minus five days and I've got my development environment ready to go. I'll be at Yahoo! Open Hack Day September 12-13 in Sunnyvale, hacking on Uploadr.  Hopefully others will join me in creating some cool extensions.  Stop by and say hello.

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