Richard Crowley

Engineer and engineering leader. Recovering manager. I just try to be useful and eat pizza.


Danville, Kentucky → Washington University in Saint Louis → San Francisco. I’ve worked at Flickr, OpenDNS, Square, Betable, and Slack. Matt Tanase and I founded DevStructure in 2010 and created the now-defunct Blueprint configuration management tool. I spent the second half of my career holding various engineering leadership positions at Slack, helping us grow from 20 to 2,000 employees, thousands to tens of millions of users, and from venture-backed startup to public company. I am currently the Principal at Source & Binary, bringing secure, reliable, and compliant cloud infrastructure to market with my Substrate software.

I served as advisor to Opsmatic which became New Relic Infrastructure and served for two years on the Customer Advisory Board for Amazon Web Services. I am currently an advisor to Jeli, Optic, ReadySet, and Smallstep as well as to Boldstart Ventures. I like to work with founders and early employees to reliably bring the best technology to the most customers.

I tolerate computers, like bicycles, am not a very good open-source maintainer, and live in San Francisco with my wife and two kids.

I can always be reached at