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So many projects 2008/08/25

How do programmers like Aker or why or John Resig get so much done? Perhaps the answer is that they have that dream job that allows you to play all day.  Perhaps they really are superhuman engineers.  Either way, I've been itching to do something with this growing list of projects scribbled on my coffee table.  How about a blog post?  Yes.

FireDopplr extension for Flickr Uploadr

This one's for Aaron.  I suspect it'll turn out to be more of a Dopplr extension for Uploadr because of Fire Eagle's insistence on forgetting historical data.  I've sadly fallen off on the Flickr hacking since leaving there and really should take this as an opportunity to revisit.  Plus, there's so much new API goodness to explore.

More smarts for Curvr

I've made incremental fixes to Curvr since writing it but have yet to really take on a big enhancement.  It performs well on sunny days but suffers badly in low-contrast situations.  The low-hanging fruit is to look into the EXIF data to process differently based on the aperture and shutter speed (as a way to infer how much light was available) and whether the flash fired (in which case I'd like to give up).

XULRunner really did follow me to my new job

I haven't looked into it fully but I see a Windows service control extension for XPCOM in my future.  Bleak, I know.

But wait, there's OAuth

I will procrastinate as long as I possibly can on this one but I may end up having to be the guy to write a C/C++ OAuth client.  That'll be one for the day job.

I haven't forgotten about

My evil overlords at City Hall have changed a bunch of street cleaning schedules and replaced easy-to-parse descriptions with pains-in-my-ass like "1st and 3rd Tuesdays." Oh joy-of-joys, now my parsing must be sensitive to the current week and not just the current day.  As I type this it's actually getting easier in my head.  If your neighborhood was recently changed, have no fear, I'll be back to save you from parking tickets once more.

I am doubly encouraged by the accumulation in front of me.  First, I'm still unsatisfied, thinking and tinkering.  Second, I have no time to actually do anything about it because I'm enjoying my job at OpenDNS. Perhaps if I keep this up I'll never be a super-hacker.

Comments (2)

  1. There's a (possibly usable since this weekend) C oauth library: :-)

    Blaine Cook — 2008/08/26 5:52 pm

  2. Hot damn!  Cross that one off my list.  Thanks, Blaine.

    Richard Crowley — 2008/08/26 9:46 pm

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