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It’sablog 2008/08/17

I really did make a mistake a few weeks ago, losing my old Wordpress blog, the theme, and all of the non-Wordpress extras I had in that directory tree. More fuel for the argument that upgrading Wordpress is too hard.  I thought I was smart enough to do it.  I was wrong.  So I took that as motivation to build the command-line blog I’ve always wanted.  Then I went on vacation.  As you can see, it's finished now.  More soon on the code.

I kept a text file open during my flights to and from Kentucky.  On the plane I was reading The World Is Flat and it surprisingly tempered very few of the thoughts I liked enough to write down.  (Afterthoughts in bold.)

The things that suck about being an adult are the same ones that suck about being a kid: dishes, laundry and paying for things.  The rest is just details.

My network is better for me than Digg/Reddit/whatever because I trust the sources.  I don’t like everyone being little CmdrTacos. I’m the Commander and I pick my Generals carefully.  (After reading vs. Friendfeed.)

Neverminding your opinion of Chris Matthews and his Hardball show, it’s depressing that the airport cuts away from the last 20 minutes in favor of an Olympic human-interest segment on using chopsticks in Beijing.

I also spent some time thinking about my upcoming move.  Moving within the city and with over a year’s experience living here have significantly changed my criteria.  Most importantly, Katherine will be moving out, too.  Beyond the need for a bigger apartment, here are some of my current considerations:

Lesser concerns that didn't make the cut:

Anything I’m missing?

Comments (3)

  1. - Bus lines nearby - That's all I can think of.  best of luck finding the new place :)

    Dimitry — 2008-08-18 6:34 am

  2. I'm desperately afraid of going away because my del network is the *only* way I keep up, everything else just gets in the way.

    But mostly wanted to say *congratulations* on Katherine moving out, and on getting out of the Marina.

    kellan — 2008-08-18 6:11 pm

  3. Check out the sunset district, if you can live with the daily fog.

    John — 2008/08/26 1:19 am

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