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More GReader hacking — immersion 2008/02/11

First, some updates to readelicious.  I worked in Mike Malone's patch to add a keyboard shortcut which I now can't live without.  I also reworked some bits of it to interact nicely with the new script.

Immersion is another Greasemonkey script that will load the current entry as an <iframe> within Google Reader.  I made this one almost exclusively to look at A Brief Message but it works just as well for leaving a quick comment since it doesn't interrupt your train of thought like opening a new tab does (I tend to forget new tabs until hours later).

Just like readelicious, immersion adds a link to each entry but also uses 'i' for keyboard access to the current entry. or

Comments (2)

  1. hey is there anyway to add a background to the script, i love the transparency effect but its hard to read, a nice white background or 50% grey would be really nice


    rahim — 2008/02/19 3:35 pm

  2. Uh I have a complaint, SIR. If I am "immersed" in something and hit 'i' again, instead of disappearing, it just adds another immersion window.  Where are your UI chops, sir?

    Mike Panchenko — 2008/03/25 5:33 am

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