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Call Comcast to get the real Discovery HD 2007/11/10

Discovery HD from discovery.comIf you have Comcast's HD cable package, you really have to call them and request Discovery Channel HD.  You may think you already get it, but you'd be wrong.  Their website lists channel 15 as Discovery Channel (standard definition) and channel 722 as "Discovery - HD." This is more than a little misleading.  722 is actually Discovery HD Theater.  HD Theater does not play any of the same shows as The Discovery Channel.  It plays boring HD shots of sunrises and reruns of American Chopper.  F that.

Call 1-800-COMCAST and tell them to pick up the real HD version of The Discovery Channel.  If you call and your life doesn't improve significantly after they add (what I presume will be) channel 715, I'll buy you a beer.

Comments (4)

  1. I wish I had an HDTV. This would keep me occupied :)

    Andrew Mager — 2007/11/10 5:45 pm

  2. Channel 715 or 722 is not Discovery HD for me at all...

    for me 21 is the Discovery Channel for Comcast and I dont have an HD channel for Discovery...

    and I do have the HD package but I dont have Discovery HD Theatre or Discovery HD... im confused

    — Max — 2007/12/02 9:44 pm

  3. I too am pissed off that you dont get discovery channel Hd. Discovert HD theather blows, and is no good. Did it cost extra for the real discovery channel HD to be added to your package?

    — Jordan Garrett — 2007/12/26 2:44 pm

  4. fill out this form to request Discovery Channel in HD.

    — Tim — 2008/05/15 4:04 pm

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