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Where did all my XULRunner tips go? 2007/10/20

Despite my blog being stale like the bread in my cabinet, I've still been elbow deep in XULRunner all day every day.  Now 3 1/2 months in, the ugly stuff has taken shape and it's time to lock down the user interface.  I still haven't found an elegant way to keep clicks on the scrollbar from firing my sequence of mousedown, mousemove and mouseup events, but gimme a second chance.

As expected, I'm learning a lot about releasing software in the real world, where it has to stand up to real revisions, new features and public scrutiny.  I like to think I've always built software that's up to the task but a UI worthy of the Flickr name is a lot of work.  And..  Surprise!  My engineer's touch is not good enough.  Gino and George, with a healthy bit of Stewart, have made it look awesome.  And my role in the design-y stuff?  Implementing some of the ideas so we can play with them before springing them on unsuspecting users.

But stay tuned.  It turns out that work not only fluctuates between C++ and JavaScript but between engineering (then) and design (now).  After round one is out in the wild it will be time for more hacking in the great undocumented.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

The XPCOM tips will be back soon!

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