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Help me decide what C code to write 2007/09/16

The majority of my (awesomest ever) day job at Flickr is written in Javascript.  I do write some C++ code for some of the trickier parts, but wc tells me more that only about a tenth of my code is C++.

That tenth doesn't really do it for me, though.  It isn't dirty and dangerous.  Because of the Netscape Portable Runtime, it's actually rather tame.  See, I spent college SEGFAULTing at least once a day.  In my nearly three months at Flickr, I've managed to do so only twice.

Fear not -- I have a way to get my fix.  I'm intrigued by FUSE and started to think about the design of a Flickr filesystem.  About 14 seconds after that I discovered Manish Rai Jain's flickrfs project.  It is more complicated than I would have designed, but because of that it's incredibly powerful.  Flickr isn't out as a possible project for a FUSE filesystem but I'd rather not step on his toes.  Onward.

The problem is, I'm short on imagination right now.  I think the most powerful aspect of making non-filesystem data available as a filesystem is the huge set of possibilities that open up when you start chaining standard UNIX commands.

Do any C-shy webdev types want anything else out of their filesystem?

Comments (2)

  1. opsdbfs thanks

    David Hall — 2007/09/19 9:20 am

  2. HTMLfs ? Elements are directories, text nodes and attributes are files, javascript functions are executable scripts?

    Not practical at all, but it'd be fun. :-)

    netshade — 2007/09/21 7:37 am

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