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A few reasons TiVo is better than Comcast DVR 2007/08/23

  1. It doesn't lose it's mind when trying to resolve recording conflicts.
  2. The user interface actually uses the whole screen instead of just half.
  3. Amazon Unbox, punks.
  4. The user interface responds immediately rather than seconds later.
  5. The remote doesn't promote carpal tunnel syndrome.
  6. It doesn't sporadically forget to record sound.

This is just a quick few I've noticed in my first couple of weeks back in the land of TiVo.  It's good to be home.

Comments (1)

  1. Ive been thinking of getting it myself, but I probably wouldn't use it enough to justify paying :p Sounds like you found a winner htough

    Dimitry — 2007/08/23 10:05 pm

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