Richard Crowley’s blog


Today is my first day at Square.  I’m joining the infrastructure team there to help automate whole datacenters, build APIs to real hardware, smooth out deployment, and probably much more along the way.  I’m very excited to return to working on scalability and performance problems on a pretty highly-trafficked API.  (When you spend all your time writing configuration management software, you tend not to manage any servers.)

Blueprint will remain an open-source configuration management tool that I maintain, newly decoupled from any business interests.  In fact, I just merged the S3-backed Blueprint Server into master.

It’s been about two years since Matt and I set out to build heavily automated development environments and stumbled into a new configuration management workflow.  I can’t understate how much I’ve learned about both engineering and startups in that time.  For now, though, I want to spend my time engineering and not selling or searching for consulting work.

It’s hip to be (a) square.